Human Origins

Human Origins is a British-based peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to human origins research and Palaeolithic archaeology. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, we offer a broad and interdisciplinary emphasis on Palaeolithic archaeology as well as primatology, osteology, evolutionary psychology, ethnography, palaeo-climatology, geology, anthropology and genetics (phylogeography).

Issue 1 has now been published and is a special volume containing papers from the British Academy Lucy to Language: Archaeology of the Social Brain Seminar Series on Palaeolithic Visual Display.

Download  Human Origins Volume 1

We are currently inviting submissions and welcome short interim reports from the
field (1000 words), medium-length discussions (3000 words), and longer research
contributions (6000 words).  If you are interested in submitting to Human Origins please read our submission guidelines.